Our Co-Founder Donatas Kielius launches his own art exhibition


If I would believe in coincidences, I’d say that I started painting by accident. But I think that nothing is meaningless in our lives, so the events which led me to this discovery were not accidental.

My path to painting started very unusually, but when I thought about it later, really symbolically – from Tai chi. I discovered it when I was looking for a way to change my life, to find balance after a very intense period of time. After one of the lessons my teacher looked at my hands and asked if I’m a painter. I always liked to look at paintings and analyze them, but never tried to paint myself.

First, I tried to do some pencil sketches, some portraits, and to my surprise got really warm feedback from friends and close ones, which gave me the motivation to explore this further. Another big step to get involved with painting was in the UK. During one of the events, I met a lady whose father was a painter and encouraged her to paint. But after several tries, she eventually stopped and was looking for someone to gift all the painting equipment. That’s how I got several large canvases, paints, brushes. I doubt if I’d be willing to purchase all of this myself, so after such an amazing gift I had to really try using it.

I started from realistic paintings but soon realized that I’m leaning more to abstract style. Probably it also is connected to Tai chi teaching, which also encompasses the understanding of the main elements of nature and their colours. First I used this unconsciously but later started to combine colours and brushes according to specific feelings and moods. I use a Wu Xing table of five elements, which is vastly popular in Chinese culture – for thousands of years they not only understand people through this system but also divide all the surrounding world. It consists of fire, earth, metal, water and tree elements.

Based on these elements, their inner connections and impact I choose colours and try to create the images on canvas close to my experiences. Fire is hot and burning, might mean love, passion, but also pain. Tones of the earth are yellow and brown, warm, symbolizing energy and stability, family and calmness. Metal is cold and hard, so white and grey colours represent clarity, rules and tension, can stress sterility. Water is always changing, can be cold as ice or hot as a geyser, it’s represented by all blue tones and also black, which contrary to our usual understanding is a positive colour, inviting to communicate. Tree, of course, is a green colour for growth and life. I’ve been painting already for four years. Recently got an offer to do the first exhibition in the UK.

Before opening, when I was looking at my works and their sharing history, I noticed that the day of the exhibition is the same when I shared my first painting on Facebook. Is it a coincidence? The answer for me is clear.

I never had any studies related to painting, everything I create is the reflection of my inner experiences. When I stand at the canvas, I completely “disconnect” and give myself to the flow of time, it’s like a meditation to me. So it’s wonderful that other people discover their own connections with my paintings. That is what I wish for everyone here.

In 2016 I co-founded Frame25 Production House – a digital design and web development company, where I continue applying my creativity while working on digital design projects.